Comp X 4/3mm

Size: Extra Large Tall
Sale price$ 364.95


  • Thickness: 4mm, with strategic 3mm panels (shoulders and arms) for maximum freedom of movement
  • Neoprene: Channel Flex, a lightweight, hydrophobic, gridded material, is a new addition to the Xcel range. It's incredibly stretchy – similar to O'Neill's TechnoButter but probably slightly warmer and with slightly less flex.
  • Lining: Thermo Dry Celliant chest to ankle, covering the whole of the giant one-piece front and back panel and continuing down past the knee
  • Thermo Dry Celliant: Fibres derived from earth minerals are woven into a "smart" or "responsive" textile that increases blood flow to your muscles by converting body heat into infrared energy. In other words, every time you move it takes the heat your body generates and as it were reinvests it. Clever stuff! Celliant is its own trademark and has actually been certified by the US Food and Drug Authority as a medical device.
  • Entry: Chest zip with magnetic closure and "semi-dry" zipper, sealed (or semi-sealed) with a silicone strip. The ergonomic "balanced shoulder design" aids entry
  • Seam Construction: Triple glued and blindstitched, then reinforced throughout with internal FusionX tape
  • Also Worth Noting: Nexskin wrist and ankle seals (they're basically liquid neoprene strips) minimise flushing; flex grooves at the back of the knee enhance comfort and flexion; glideskin collar reduces water-entry and neck rub
  • Eco Credentials: Water-based glues (no nasty VOCs); dope-dyed yarns (massive savings on water and energy); scrap rubber tyres pyrolyzed into carbon black (one of the key ingredients in neoprene); limestone-derived neoprene (marginally better than petrochemcial alternatives); plastic bottles recycled into polyester yarns (used the stretch jersey fabric that lines the neoprene).
  • Rough Temperature Guide: 10-15 °C
Material 100% Neoprene
Neoprene Thickness 4 mm
Sustainability Dope-dyed Yarn
Wetsuit Closure Chest Zip
Wetsuit Type Fullsuit
Winter Wetsuits

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