Do You Know The Board Shop Owner Jayson Rishling?

Do you know The Board Shop owner Jayson Rishling? If you’re a fan of water sports, you should. If you’re a fan of shopping for water sports hardware, you should as well. As a top performer and competitor in many variations of the sport, Jayson can give you the best advice on gear for you and your family.

Chosen to be a team member of the USA Water Ski Show Team 3 times in a row now, here’s what the USA Team has to say about Jayson, “He was named skier of the year 4 times at Sea World. His abilities are vast. He performs some of the most beautiful back gainers off the jump ramp, and he excels on the sky ski and wakeboard.” See more words of praise and photos of Jayson at USA Water Ski Show Team profile. And to read about the selection of the entire 2016 team see the USA Water Ski site.

Named the Male Athlete of the Year in 2014 by The National Show Ski Association Jayson is forever among an elite group of athletes. Here’s what the National Show Ski Association had to say about Jayson last year, “Rishling was a key member of Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team. He was selected as the Skip Gilkerson Award Winner (Male MVP) from the nation’s top 14 teams and from more than 1,500 other athletes competing at the 2014 Division 1 Show Ski National Championships. He also was a member of the USA Water Ski Show Team, which won the world team title for the second consecutive time at the 2014 World Show Ski Tournament.” To read more about this and other top awards granted last year, click this USA Waterski link.

If you need to see to believe the praises of these organizations about Jayson, here’s a highlight real of his performances at the National Show Tournament this year and last year: YouTube Jayson Rishling Highlight Clip.

Jayson’s passion for water sports  is undeniable, and he wants you to have the best experience possible for yourself and your family and friends. As a member of show teams practically all his life, dedication, hard work, team work, showmanship and sportsmanship run through his blood. And he can’t help but cheer on those around him who want to learn and excel in their favorite aspects of the sport. As one of The Board Shop’s customers, you become part of the team, and Jayson wants to see you succeed!


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Ahhh yes. I do recall training Jayson as a youngster. He had an early draw to swivel skiing, but after learning 1080s by age 6, he knew there was more. With his talent level, and his ability to execute flawlessly, the sky was the limit. Soon after, he was base jumping from third story windows and flipping over traffic that would make even frogger proud. I look forward to seeing his continued success on the mountain and lakes across the world.

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