The Little Wake That Could

Out on the lake last weekend I sadly watched two boats with seemingly mix-matched riders behind them.

First, I watched a great looking boat with a tower pulling a wake surfer. The surfer was still holding the rope, and struggled to stay afloat without it. Maybe he was learning? Maybe the wake was just too small? I don't know, but I felt for him.

Next, I watched a bigger boat, again with a tower, and also with speakers and lights, all the bells and whistles, pulling, can you guess? Yep, a tube, well actually two tubes, those big humongous tubes that don't even fit inside the boat. They didn't need a big wake or a big boat to have a blast. 

I would have loved to switch the situation around somehow for just a little while. But that would have been rude. Excuse me, can you see that you're wasting your huge wake? And have you seen those guys over there struggling who would love to switch boats with you for the day?

What made me more sad was knowing that there is a simple solution for the first boat's struggles. All they need is a WAKESURFSHAPER from Ronix. Not many people know about it yet, because it's so new. It's a brand new technology that can transform any boat so that it can produce a not just a surfable wake, but a wake you can ride for a long time and carve tricks on. Those big boats can tube all they want, and now, any in-board boat can successfully pull a wake surfer.

The installation is quick and easy, and the results are unbelievable. Watch these videos to see the install process and the results for yourself...

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