77 Sunny Days + 1 Lake = Hot Dogs, WHAT???

The average number of sunny summer days we can normally look forward to based on previous year's weather stats is about 77 days from May through September for our local Midwest area. With the heat and sun we've had this summer, I think we will blow this stat out of the water!

So what's a water sports enthusiast to do with all of these warm sunny days? Does it get old? Do we start to take them for granted? I hope not! Are you honing your hot doggin' skills, your tricks and your flash? 

This guy, Tony Klarich, has thoroughly perfected his tricks, and he is the top water skiing HOT DOG of all time (or so it seems according to a quick Google search). He has somehow combined slalom skiing, trick skiing, and can you believe it, swivel skiing! Show skiers out there, if you need some new ideas for your shows and your audiences, this could be the vintage ticket, just sayin'.

Enjoy this video trek back to the 90's, enjoy these sunny days, and post your own vids and pics to our Facebook page. We'd love to see you in action, and show off the sum of your summer hours + hard work + fun + passion. Who said summer math had to be boring?

Is your hot doggin' board of choice a wakeboard or wake surf rather than a water ski? Great, send us your vids, and we can follow up this blog and even make it into a series of hot doggin' blogs with you in them!

Ride within your ability and be safe out there on the water! For safety tips and proper equipment, repairs and/or upgrades stop in and chat with us or give us a call. Your boarding passion is our boarding passion, and that's why we're here. 

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