2018 Armada B Dog

Newschoolers' Review:

The Armada BDog is basically what I always hoped the T-Hall ski would evolve into. It feels like a wide ski, but without the compromises of a fatter ski. Many of you will be considering the new ARV skis, but for the more jibby among you, I would take a closer look at the BDog. As an all-round park-to-urban ski they are a lot of fun. I wouldn’t say they are my absolute favourite park ski I tested, though they were up there, but I'm stoked with the direction Armada have taken with them. They fill a hole left by the THall and seem almost a passing of the torch from one hugely influential skier to the next. - Twig

Characteristics: Playful, buttery, nimble, jibby, urban ski


Manufacturer's Description:

We took the soft flex everyone loved in the Edollo and placed it in a narrower, lighter chassis with a tighter turning radius to fit Phil Casabon's style of skiing. Catch and press transitions in any park or urban setting 'til you're blue in the face - then do it some more.


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