Fall Into Winter


Kids are going back to school. The weather is cooling off. Well. Kinda. Regardless we are still getting excited about the winter. And there is a lot to be excited about, starting with the addition of RedBull Goggles to our goggle line up. These goggles aren’t awesome just because they’re RedBull, no my friend it’s much more than that. Outside of their killer look; there is the technology to back it up. There are the standards: the anti-fog, the double lens, silicone grips on the band, great field of vision. Then there are the features that only RedBull brings. These goggles are built around the model of a Formula One racecar. Speed, extreme curves and high demands on the material are the cornerstones designed to handle the extreme conditions of the track or the mountain. Plus they look sweet, and I’ve never felt goggle foam so soft, the comfort on your face is unbeatable. I highly recommend you at least come in and check them out, I doubt you’ll leave without a pair.


RedBull isn’t the only thing were stoaked about this winter. We also picked up Vishnu Skis, which, as most of you know, is who local cool kid Patrick Ring skis for. Outside of being what Patrick rides (which that alone seems to make kids want it), Vishnu is the kind of company we love to carry. This company’s roots are in street skiing, and the fact that they are a small company with close ties to the skiers themselves, creates the innovation that actual skiers really want. Team skiers can drop by the main headquarters and speak to the founders themselves. So what the skier needs is known right from the start. Made in Salt Lake City, Vishnu’s Wet is perfect for the park. Cofounder Kale Cimperman describes it best, “The ski is symmetrical in shape and flex. Heavily rockered in the tip and tail, and cambered underfoot. The flex in the tip and tails of the Wet is the softest you will find on the market. This flex pattern allows you to butter, press, and match transition better than any other ski. But before any of you freak out about whether the ski will ride well going fast or on jumps/large features, you should know that the flex underfoot, in the cambered area, is as stiff as it needs to be. You won’t wash out if you land properly.” The most important thing is that they are well built. You can kick the shit out of them and they’ll last you minimum a whole season. Patrick said he’s never had a ski take that kind of abuse and hold up. So there you have it. Be Cool. Ride Vishnu.

Winter is technically months away, but in reality its right around the corner and while I LOVE the summer, I can’t wait for all the good things this winter will bring. It’s a rude awakening at first, to see snowboards and outerwear start to come in the shop in august; it’s an “oh no summer is over,” quickly followed by a “hell yeah ski season is here.” And that’s why we have a love hate relationship with the good old Midwest and its variety of seasons. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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