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Glideskin  We live in a world that likes bling. Glideskin is shiny, which makes it cool and relevant.

2-Way Stretch Neoprene  A material that moves east/west when you do.

Cushion Foam  Roughly 30% heavier than Air Foam, but man is it comfy when you slip it on.

Nature's Neoprene  Neoprene is normally made of petrochemicals - instead we use neoprene made from Limestone. It also lasts longer and is more comfortable.


Fit for Standard Torsos  Based around the symmetry of a standard chest size

Oversized Arm Holes  Sometimes those arms like to flap — these bigger holes let you roll the windows down with ease.


Coast Guard Approved  Safety doesn't take a vacation. These jackets push innovation boundaries but still have enough flotation to meet the safety requirements.


Water Resistant Liner  You know that annoying face you make when you have to put on your buddy's wet life jacket? Not no more. Ronix created a liner that greatly reduces water seeping into a jacket, and most importantly the weird face.

H2O Glue  Most of our neoprene is laminated together with a water based glue.

H2O Yarn  A wide selection of our fabrics are knitted with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

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