Inline Pro Wakesurf Edge

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The LF Wakesurf Edge Inline Pro Wake Shaper 145 will make big wakes BIGGER! The Inline Pro 145 requires a flat surface measuring 3" tall by 13" long - hulls with an outward curve of more than 1/4" over 5", this is YOUR shaper!

Adjustable design allows you to shift the WSE location on the fly to fine tune the perfect wave.

  • Large Water Displacement Wing for Max Wave Height! (Face: 9" x 16" = 144sq")
  • Inline Suction Cup Attachment to fit Stepped Hulls with Narrow Strakes or Heavy Curves. 5 2-inch Inline Rubber Suction Cups Secure to Hull
  • Patented Concave Water Channelling Wing
  • Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment! Easy to Adjust on the Fly.
  • Made with Rust-free Materials and FLOATS!
  • Do NOT tether shaper to Boat.
  • Level Load Boat to Keep Nose Down for the Captain's Visibility and a Long Wake
  • Recommend Use with a Sumo Ballast System

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