Luan + E Lithium 10 W

Size: 158
Color: White/Gray
Sale price$ 474.95


Stay in control with the perfect balance of dampening and forgiveness.

  • Composite: Combination of fibers that reduces weight, and adds maneuvrability and forgiveness.
  • Tip Protector: Increased ski longevity: to keep skis visually attractive even after intense use.
  • Monocoque: Single structural layer of fiber. Optimal for comfort, response and maneuverability.
  • Carve Rocker: Developed for performance on hard snow; extra short length, low height rocker profile in the tip, provides instant carving sensations, with easy and precise steering. Camber under foot guarentees stability, edge grip and gives the ski powerful rebound.
  • Tail Protector
  • Glossy
  • Easytrak2
  • Comfortech: Polyurethane reinforcement in the middle of the ski. Absorbs vibrations and provides added dampening.
  • Control Frame: Unique 3D shape creating specific edge grip zones. Insures the best edge grip possible, while also saving weight and provides smooth turn initiation.
  • Lithium 10 W
SIZE 137 144 151 158
SIDE CUT TIP 118 119 120 121
SIDE CUT WAIST 75 75 75 75
SIDE CUT TAIL 97 98 99 100
RADIUS 10.7 11.7 12.6 13.6
BOOT MIDSOLE 608 637 667 697
ROCKER SHAPE 210 220 230 240

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