SUPformation From Your Friends at The Board Shop

Whether you're riding for fun, fitness or a cause, there's a ton of great information out there to share. That's what SUPformation is all about. It's either INformation to enlarge your SUP passion, or it's resources to help turn your SUP interest into a growing passion.

First, here are some local places and ways you can use your SUP:

  1. Did you know that there's a group called MidwestSUP? Their purpose is "to encourage the Midwest water lovers to stand up and ride the paddleboarding wave." They have a series of riding events called the Midwest Stand Up Paddleboard Championship and Festival Series with dates running from now through August both in the local region and in the greater midwestern states region. Check their out website here.
  2. Midwest SUP Racing Series Facebook page is the place to post your pictures after participating in any Midwest SUP races and maybe connect with other SUP racers and like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Proudly We Stand helps raise awareness and funds for the charitable organization Companions for Heroes, that helps support our troops and veterans suffering from PTSD. Watch their documentary video of one man's 100 mile SUP journey from Chicago to Milwaukee to raise awareness and funds for our veterans.

Next, check out these resources for ideas and maybe even dreams of where you can SUP outside of your normal locations and boundaries:

  1. Supthemag Facebook page has ideas, safety tips and encouragement on where to SUP, who is SUPing, and even magical moments in SUPing, like up close and personal whale sightings. Look for posts about these exotic locations: The Caribbean, Alaska, India, and Colorado rivers.
  2. Standup Journal Facebook page offers a wide range of posts on SUP locations, training tips (look for the seriously funny video of the guy on the indo board!) and inspiration: Spain, Hawaii, and Lake Tahoe.
  3. The most inspiring story of all, is not about location boundaries, but potential boundaries, and these folks are pushing those aside and riding straight through them, it's the Special Olympics Adaptive Paddlers, posted by the previously listed Supthemag Facebook page.

Finally, share your own adventures and ideas with us. You can build your sport and encourage others by posting your SUPformation. Use the hashtag #SUPformation, and let's grow this amazing sport together!

Or course, if you need a new SUP or a different kind of SUP than you already have, we have a great variety here in stock. For the racers, we are featuring The Blade by Connelly.

For 2016 we (Connelly) took our fastest, smoothest gliding board and made it even better. The Blade features a displacement style hull which, like a kayak, slices through water for maximum efficiency. This year the displacement 'V' shape in the nose has a more gradual transition to the flat belly of the board resulting in a more balanced flow on the water. We kept a flat rocker line, sharp rails and a narrow center width to keep drag at a minimum. The more shapes and contours you add to the bottom of a board the more drag you feel while paddling. Our super-efficient design reduces drag allowing you to paddle farther and faster while using less energy.  



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