Roswell Wake Towers Speakers
Roswell Wake-Air has updated their catalog of products, improving on and increasing their selection of towers, speakers, and lights, plus all sorts of options. They still carry their classic towers and accessories, but now they offer more and updated pieces to complete your boat setup and overall experience.


Classic 51 Wakeboard Tower Video


The basic starter piece of course is your tower. This gives you the lift and sky high air you need for wakeboarding, and also the mounting surface for your board racks, rope hooks, mirror, speakers and lights. This adds not only functionality and organization, but also sweetness to your boating experience. Make room for more people, more foot space, less stress, less to trip on, and more fun all around.


RMA 6510 SS In-Boat Speakers Video


There’s no reason to ride in silence. With Roswell Marine Audio you can connect to your favorite songs and even your favorite media with their Cybox Bluetooth Interface. Go all out with speakers, amps, subwoofer, LED night rings for mood changing colors, and of course the basics like tower wiring harness, sub enclosure, and cables.


Elite C6 Light Bar Video

Elite C6

Shed some light on your subjects with all sorts of lighting options. Light from the top with Classic or Elite Light Bars or from beneath with Nightwater Pro or L6 colored ambiance lighting. Extend the hours in a day and increase your boating and boarding time exponentially!


We’ve posted here just a small sampling of the videos produced by Roswell to display and walk you through their products. Find all the pictures, videos and descriptions you need for the Roswell products you want here at For their full website, find them at

Roswell started out more than a decade ago back in 1998 when founder Robert Oswell re-designed an existing extended pylon pushing the limits of technology.

And almost two decades later, Roswell is continuing this tradition of pushing the limits of technology and improving on their craft, so that you can improve yours.

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