Review - Radar Totem SUP

Radar has really outdone themselves with their 2015 line of SUPs. From the cost effective Cadence to the touring Meridian, there is something for everyone. Including my personal favorite the 2015 Radar Totem.

The Totem is a yoga/crossover SUP, so basically a yoga studio on the water. Weighing in at under 30 pounds, the Totem was designed with yoga in mind and has the most useable space a SUP can offer. Most paddle boards turn down towards the edges, making the edge of the board unusable. The Totem has a flat top from edge to edge giving you a much wider space for poses or whatever you need it for. Not only is this extra space good for yoga, it also places your feet flat when paddling instead of on a downward angle. This makes your ride much more comfortable from start to finish. Radar also modified the sidecut in the tip of the board keeping the Totem wider further forward, for even more useable space.

Not into yoga? That’s just fine. The Totem paddles just as well as any other board in Radar’s quiver. It glides over the water with ease and stays stable through paddling. The dual concave hull and complementary long rockerline lend confidence even for first time paddlers. Plus the Totem also includes a bungee cord that hooks over the top of the tail. It will hold down whatever it is you need to bring out on the water; towels, puppies, yoga mats, coolers filled with 6 packs of…ahem soda. Not to mention it is one of the coolest looking SUPs. With the bright, summery yellow and natural bamboo inlays the Totem is one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for an on-the-water yoga studio or just a board to cruise on, you will find the perfect match in the versatile Totem.

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