Burton Lip-Stick

Burton Lip-Stick


Where to start with the Burton Lip-Stick…

This board is one of the most versatile boards I’ve ridden. Over the years boards have come out and they are usually either great for park, or the ride really well in powder, or they claim to be an all mountain board, but are they really? With the Lip-Stick the answer is unmistakably YES. It is truly the best of both worlds. As far as snowboarding goes, you have your park riders and your back country riders; but most of us like to do a little of both. Especially around here where you only get backcountry riding when you travel out west or out east. Here in the Midwest a ton of REAL snow is not always guaranteed. Sometimes we have to make do with the icy fake stuff that is blown. Here is where the park becomes most popular as it gives riders something a little more fun to do, other that take a 15 second ride down a hill. With its true twin shape and flex the Lip-Stick becomes the ideal board to ride switch and its flat top shape makes your edge to edge transitions smooth and predictable. Now you may think that this would make it not so great for powder; not the case. The WFO sintered base gives you the smooth and fast ride you need going through fresh snow. You still get the bite from the FrostBite Edges on groomers or icy conditions but they remain smooth and floaty on powder. Burton’s Side Effects also do double duty. This design lengthens the contact point at the tip and tail allowing more edge hold, which we all know is key for groomers and ice, but they also allow the board to even out easier on those more powdery days. The Lip-Stick has enough flex to be playful in the park, and it is stiff enough that you can cruise in powder. Burton’s Infinite Ride technology guaranties that it will ride the same on day one as it does on day 100. The board is over built and then worked by machine to be broken in. It comes out of the wrapper ready to go. Who wouldn’t want to cut out a break in period?

 If you look it up it says this is an intermediate to advanced board, and that may be because of the technology in it, but I would recommend this board for someone who is just starting as well. Especially if they are unsure about what kind of rider they will be. Because it performs so well in all areas of the mountain it’s ideal for many riders. There are definitely more boards that I would like to try, but I would never give up my Lip-Stick. It is my go to on any day of the week, and while Burton has given the Lip-Stick some upgrades over the years, I can’t see how they could really make it much better.

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