The North Face Shellista ll Tall, Insulated Women's Boot

I picked up my Shellistas at the beginning of December. After reading tons of reviews online, I decided on this boot from North Face. They seemed warm, waterproof, and not as bulky as many of 'true' winter boots.  I wanted something that would work well in any winter conditions. As a dog owner who lives on a lake, you end up outside in all of it, every day. And with my guy, I end up halfway into the forest following his nose! 

These boots are true to size, and I can easily add another pair of socks if it's extra cold. The inside is soft & fleecy, and there is arch support. The tread on the bottom is quite grippy. The tall version of this boot has cute faux-fur detailing at the top. I had been nervous about the high laces and lack of side zipper. I simply have them laced and tied loosely enough to pull them on & off. When we've been for longer lakeside walks, I've laced them more tightly.  No zipper is an advantage, actually. On boots, zippers are often the first thing to break, and an easy place for the damp to find it's way in.

My North Face Shellista boots, paired with Merino Wool socks, have keep my feet warm & 100% dry all winter. On the lake, through the forest, the December deep-freeze & snow, and all the January puddles this year - these boots have not let me down. I definitely recommend them! 

The North Face Shellista ll Tall, Insulated Boot, Black & Plum Kitten Grey, $149.95


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